May 02, 2024 One paper on the explainability of LLM generation has been accepted to ICML 2024. :snowflake:
Feb 20, 2024 One paper on HumanEval-XL, a multilingual code generation benchmark has been accepted to LREC-COLING 2024. We’ve released the code and data! :snowflake:
Jan 16, 2024 One paper on reward models with tool-augmented feedback has been accepted to ICLR 2024 (spotlight):sparkles:. Dive into our research and code now! :fire:
Sep 23, 2023 One paper on XAI has been accepted to NeurIPS 2023 Datasets and Benchmarks Track. Code is available here.
May 02, 2023 ERNIE-Code on multilingual text and code pre-training has been accepted to ACL 2023 Findings. Check our code and models.:snowflake: